Floor tiling (and our dogs)

Now that the outside of the workshop is finished, it is time to move back inside the house to finish the floor tiling.  After that has been done the house will feel as if it is really finished.

First the lounge and dining room.  I have decided to lay them diagonal, with a diamond of feature tiles, and a border of half tiles.

Start the dining room.
Dining room (and lounge) tile laying finished.  Oh my god, what a lot of cutting.  The family room won't be diagonal!
Poo gives it the paws up.  Nice to lay and snooze on.  He spends most of his time snoozing now he is a senior dog.
Judith wants me to lay a hearth.  This I made from left over Hebel panels and laid black tiles over the top.
Turned out quite nice, not bad for a first attempt..
Meanwhile, the garden has been growing, and the roses are flowering.  Lawn looks very promising.
Grouting.  Yuck.  I hate grouting.
Longe room finished.
Now I start the family room.  The family room has a expansion joint in the slab right through the middle.  Bugger!  Proof that not everything is perfect in a building job.  This was the engineer's fault, he was supposed to put it under a wall, and we did not notice his blunder until the slab was ready to pour.  No matter, just line the tiles up with the join.

However, before doing that I needed to grind the slab down over the join because it was not level over the join.  Horrible job with fine concrete dust everywhere.

Start laying the tiles.  The "boss" Mr Chips inspects.
More tiles laid.  This time it is Poppy who is the inspector.

Who is Poppy?

Poppy is our new dog.  She is a pedigree apricot poodle.  Here she is at about the time we finished the lounge and dining room.  About 8 weeks old.  Super cute.  
Tiles down ready for cutting.
Kitchen done as well.
All ready for grouting.
Kitchen finished as well.  At this time it was THANK GOD THAT IS FINISHED!!!  I also had to do the pantry and hallway that are not shown in these pictures.  Lots of cutting for confined spaces.
13th February 2008 was a very sad day.  Terrible tragedy for our little family.   Mr Chips is dead.  He injured his back and slowly went down hill until he could not move his lower body.  In the end the vet had to give him the needle.  Judith is devastated.  Lost her best dog.  We have lost the "boss".  Our dog pack is leaderless.  Poppy no longer has a bully to keep her in line (he did a great job).  Puppy running rampant.  AAHHGG!

This is our favourite picture of Chips, taken about 3 years before he died at the age of 7.  He loved having his picture taken.  Puts a tear in my eye.

We buried Chips in the garden.  Here is his last resting place, under the rock.
Here is Poppy in the family room sitting on the new tiles 4 months later.  Just after a bath and clip.  Had to take the picture while she was clean.  She has turned into a wonderful dog, and I take her for a walk every day before going to bed.  I'm in trouble if I miss that walk.  A real tomboy who loves the house at Bega and the fishpond (paddling in it) and the garden.  She does have a nasty habit of getting garden all over her and bringing it inside!  Just loves to run and loves the outdoors (and getting filthy).  She is certainly keeping me fit.  We take her to the Bega river and it is run, run, leap, SPLASH.  Quite unlike Chips who hated getting wet.

Chips was great for her in that being the dominant dog, he bullied her and set the boundaries, and we had very little trouble with her as a puppy.  She adores Poo.  He gets lots of kisses.

Great dog.

Finally, finally, FINALLY, we have a fence!  Have been waiting a long time for this.  Nothing happens quickly on the coast.

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