Excavation and slab

Just after Christmas 2005 the building work started.

Here is Mick Grant the bobcat driver excavating the area that will become my new workshop.  He used the bobcat to excavate a big hole for the water tank, and the house and garage excavations.  We were lucky in that most of the rock was under my workshop and it was all small boulders. The workshop sits on one massive boulder, we were really lucky.  However, the presence of rock meant the excavation of the workshop site took far longer than expected.  This was the start of the budget blowouts.
The water tank.  Here the tank is still in the concrete mold.  After the concrete set, the mold was removed and a concrete roof installed.  Originally we intended to install a 25,000 litre tank, but it ended up as a 91,000 litre tank.  Enough to be conpletely self sufficient in water, but this also contributed to the budget blowout.
This is when I erected my owner builder sign.  The building project is now officially underway.
The house slab area has been leveled and the footings dug.  This was done in January when it was boiling hot.  I spent most of the time with a shovel, good way to get fit, but also need to be careful of heat stroke. 
First to be ready was the slab for the garage.
We have power.  Woo hoo.
First milestone, the slab for the garage is poured.
Excavation ready for the workshop slab. that bit of sand in the centre is covering a huge granite boulder.  The workshop will be standing on solid rock literally.
Here the house slab has been leveled ready to install the wood boxing that retains the concrete.
Our house is going to have in slab heating installed.  These are the heating coils which the electrician attached to the reinforcing mesh.
Another major milestone, the house slab is poured.  Once poured I kept it wet for a few days to ensure proper curing.  Was quite difficult to keep the slab wet in such hot weather.
In the meantime while we were waiting for the concrete to cure, we started to erect the garage.  The garage is a steel frame from a shed, but with Hebel panel cladding.
House slab poured and curing.  The ditches for the plumbing have just been dug.
Now we prepared the slab for the workshop. 
Finally the workshop slab is poured, to great relief.  All slabs have now been poured and after they have cured, we can get into the building work proper.

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