Painting and Tiling

Verandah slab being installed.
In August 2006 PAAL homes delivered the internal kit.  This arrived on a truck and large trailer.  Major drama when the truck arrived.  It could not get close enough to the house because of wet grass.  Kept getting bogged.  The truck driver said he was going back to Sydney with the load.  Much stress.  We ended up hooking the truck up to Ray's 4WD and eventually got it close enough to unload.  Phew.
Here are the internal materials all piled up inside the house.
Enough insulation to fill two rooms.  At this stage I could not help Ray so he and his labourer installed the insulation.  Was much wingeing about the amount of insulation.  However, later Ray came to realise that it had all been carefully planned and all that insulation really was worthwhile.
Outside painting time.  First the outside of the house needed to the undercoated.  Then two coats of texture paint (Dulux Acrasand).  That is Judith on the ladder.
More painting.  As you can see, the solar hot water system has been installed, bigger than planned which added to the budget blowout.  This was a drama to get installed.  We hired a crane to lift the hot water tank unto the roof only to find it was damaged.  The supplier refused to replace it because it was already on the roof.  Much stress later and a compromise was reached.
That is me with the paint roller.  A lot of painting.
Outside painting is now finished.
View from the tank.
Painting of the garage is now also finished.
We got a professional plasterer to install the plasterboard.  It took them about a week, a fraction of the time it would have taken if we had done it ourselves.  Was money well spent.
Painting the inside of the house.  I borrowed a high volume spray system from a colleague.  Worked brilliantly.  I painted the entire house with undercoat in one day.  Ceilings were done in half a day. 
The walls were done with a roller and took much longer.  Here Judith is touching up the top of the wall.
While we were painting, Ray was tiling the bathroom and Ensuite.  This is the ensuite.
This is the kitchen as supplied by PAAL homes.
Kitchen has now been installed.  Ray organised for a professional kitchen installer to do that.  Here Judith is cleaning up the mess.
Painting finished.  Time to start tiling the floor.  I am doing the tiling.  This is the main bedroom.
Here are the main bedroom tiles finished.
Tiling finished in the study.
The hired help resting (not unusual).  Otherwise known as Poo.
Here it is from the road.  Driveway has been concreted, and is starting to look like the dream.  Landscaping has started.  At about this time the council inspector was called to inspect so we could stay in the house.  It passed and we now have an interim certificate of residency.  Wooo Hooo!

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