Roofing and Hebel

Historic day, first roof sheet on.  3 of us put the roof on.  Ray is holding the roof sheet and that is the plumber Kevin putting it on.  We needed to have someone qualified to do metal roofing hence the plumber was needed.  I was the bloke running around underneath trying to dry out the roof sheets (they get slippery when wet with dew) and cutting insulation sheets to size.
The verandah roof goes on first.
In the meantime the Hebel panels arrived and were deposited on the workshop slab together with the steel frame of the workshop.  We looked at the Hebel panels and groaned.  So much work and we are not ready for them yet.
So, on with the roofing.  First roof sheet on the main part of the house.
Almost finished roofing, just the gable ends to do.  Wonderful sunny weather in the middle of winter.  Then what happened.  It rained of course.  Water everywhere and all roofing work stopped for 2 weeks.  This picture was taken just before the rain started.
In the meantime we installed wall wrap under the verandah until the rain stopped and then we wait for the plumber to be available again.
Eventually the good weather returned and the plumber returned to finish the roofing.  Next comes the Hebel panels.  This is the first of the Hebel panels installed.
More Hebel panels.
Hebel panels almost finished.  The hole in the verandah roof is there because PAAL homes goofed and did not send us enough roof sheets for the verandah.  The missing roof sheets arrived later when the internal kit was delivered.
Last Hebel panels.  All those pallets of Hebel gone, phew.  At this stage the project was running months behind schedule (like all building projects) and I had run out of leave so needed to return to Canberra and go back to work.  Very reluctantly!  Said goodbye to my temporary home in our van in the caravan park by the sea and returned to chilly Canberra.

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