Now the real important bit.  Finally, more than 12 months behind schedule we start work on - 

   The new workshop!

Steel frame up.
Verandah up.  Bit of a drama with the verandah.  Ray measured it wrong and the supports embedded in the concrete were in the wrong place.  Oh well, just need to move them and use dynabolts to attach the verandah posts to the concrete.
The other hired help, otherwise known as Mr Chips (male poodle).  He thinks he is the boss.
The roofing goes on the pergola at the back of the house.  Bit more landscaping done.
Roof on the workshop.
Guttering and skylights done.
Roofing finished.  Now we have a dry space to work under.  Weather has been good so far.
Start of Hebel panels.
More Hebel panels.
More Hebel panels, we are on a roll.
Windows and doors are in.
Hebel panels under the verandah.
Not happy with the Hebel delivery man.  A number of panels were badly damaged.  Complained, no satisfaction, but should be able to work around the damaged panels.  Not a major problem, just causes wasted time and aggro.
Workshop locked up.  Another major milestone passed.
Start rendering
Rendering finished and started painting
Painting finished, barge cap on.  Major milestone.  Outside of the workshop now finished, so this means all the outside of the buildings is now finished.
Oops, not quite finished.  Downpipes now on and underneath verandah painted.  It really is finished on the outside now.  The rainwater off the roof goes into our underground rainwater tank.  Together with the house there is about 370 sq m of catchment area.  That should keep the tank full.

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