More Workshop

Now the tiling of the house is finished I can start on the interior of the workshop.  This time the workshop will be comfortable.  My workshop in Canberra is freezing in winter and boiling hot in summer.  This new building will be the best insulated shed on the south coast.  First the battens go in.  The gyprock linings will be screwed to these.
More battens, and some of the insulation has been delivered.
Fiberglass insulation installed.  So now I have Hebel panels (R rating 1.5), and fiberglass (R rating 1.5) on the walls.  In the ceiling I have foil (R rating 3.0) and fiberglass (R rating 1.5).  That should be enough.
I am dividing it into two rooms, a clean room and a dirty room.  The dirty room will have all the power tools.  I am putting Hebel panels in the wall because I have 7 panels left over and I need to put them somewhere.  May as well make good use of them.. They will reduce the noise level a bit.
Central wall finished and we now wait for the electrician to install the wiring.  That could be a while.  I learned that with tradesmen you wait, and wait, and wait.

It is now September 2008, more than 2 and 1/2 years from the start of the project.

Time to take a break from building work.

So much for the break!  The gyprock sheeting has arrived and the electrician has installed the wiring.
Fortunately the gyprock came with a sheet lifter included in the price, which made it easy to instrall the sheets on the ceiling.  It also came with a re-chargeable screw gun, so the job was easier than I had anticipated.
Sheeting going up
Now we start plastering. 
Plastering finished.  I had never done plastering before, so was a bit apprehensive, but after a quick lesson from Ray, it went fairly smoothly.
Sanding is another matter.  Horrible job.  White dust everywhere, and exhausting work.
Meanwhile the garden is thriving.
Finished sanding and ready for painting.  Door jams installed.
I did have the spray paint machine, but it broke down and had to paint with a roller.  Here is the undercoat, which is the hardest.
Painting finished.
Now I install the architraves and skirting boards
Doors in and floor cleared ready for painting.  Almost finished.
Floor painted
The idea is to maximise the warming effect of the sun, so I painted a dark patch in front of the two doors.  The verandah shades the doors in the summer, but in winter the sun comes in and warms the floor.  It works, I am happy to say.
Moving.  Oh my goodness.  Judith arranged for a truck, but the removalist stuffed up and sent a truck that was no where near enough big enough.  Result was I had to move the entire workshop myself.  This was done in the car and trailer, and since the move was 200km, I got so sick of driving.  Anyway, I made some shelves so the wood would be better organised, and here is the first trailer load.
The Canberra house was sold on 31st October and we had to be out by 14th December.  Was a bit of a mad rush to move everything, but we made it.  Here is the "clean" room of the workshop soon after everything was moved and unpacked.
Machinery room.  Still not everything unpacked.  Here you can see my new purchases.  A new big Hammer bandsaw (at back) and a new Woodfast thicknesser/planer.(in front of the bandsaw).
However, I can now work on mandolins.  Here is my main bench and the Inca Bandsaw.  I also ordered a new dust extractor, but that has not arrived yet so the old dust extractor is temporarily outside.  Still is a bit of unpacking to do and some organising to get the dust extraction system working.
Here is the workshop on a bright sunny spring day.

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