Pancake Mandolin


Features of the Pancake mandolins:

Standard Mandolin
Goldfinch Mandolin
A5 Mandolin
Classical Mandolin
F5 Mandolin
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Two Pancake mandolins

Listen to the mandolin on the left in the picture (Red Spruce/Myrtle) - A B C

Listen to the mandolin on the right in the picture (King Billy Pine/Blackwood) - A B C


If you are lucky I may have a mandolin for sale available immediately.

  • Flattop mandolin based on the Gibson Army Navy mandolins made between 1918 and 1922, but with some modern improvements.
  • Best value for money
  • Available as a copy of the Army Navy stained brown, or natural wood colours
  • Red Spruce or King Billy Pine top, back and sides a choice of Myrtle, Blackwood or Sassafras
  • Ebony fingerboard with Pearl dots, radiused to 12" (natural coloured has Paua abalone dots)
  • Neck width at the nut 29mm
  • The Army Navy copy is unbound, natural colours is top bound only.
  • Carbon fibre reinforced neck, dovetail neck join.
  • Adjustable Brekke flattop Ebony bridge
  • Nickel plated cloud tailpiece
  • Golden age tuners with white knobs (brown mandolin), or with Rubner tuners black knobs.
  • Clear plastic pickguard

These mandolins are based on a Gibson Army Navy mandolin I restored.  They are very simple mandolins that have the typical Coombe sound.  Much louder, sweeter, clearer and cleaner sounding than the original I restored.  I have come across a few of these over the years, and have not been impressed with the sound, but these do impress.  The sound is on another level.  Listen to the sound clips, I am not kidding.  I really like them, they are fun to make, and I intend to make many more because with that lovely sound they are incredible value for money.

The Pancake is available unbound and stained a dark brown like the originals, but are also available in the natural wood colours with the top bound for an additional $100.

Note that these instruments are made to a price.  Thus any changes that involve additional material costs or labour will incur an additional charge.   Email me for more information.