Prices have not been increased for some years and are currently under review.  Once I have run out of Cedar Creek cases I will need to increase prices to cover the escalating cost of cases due to the exchange rate.    There are still a few left so prices will remain the same for the time being.  The price of the classical model has been increased because there is significantly more work involved in making them.  The classical model however, does come with a Presto case included in the price.

All prices are in Australian dollars.  These are prices for a custom instrument.  I may have other instruments available immediately that are priced differently.  Check here.  Click here for currency conversion.


Standard Mandolin
Goldfinch Mandolin
A5 Mandolin
Classical Mandolin
F5 Mandolin
Waiting list

$3600 AUD (includes a Cedar Creek case)


Goldfinch Model

 $3700 AUD (includes a Cedar Creek case)


$3600 AUD (includes a Cedar Creek case)



 $3950 AUD (includes Presto case)



 $1600 AUD (with case)




$4500 AUD (includes Presto case)

Classical Flattop

$1800 AUD (with case)


OM Guitar

$3600 AUD (includes Hiscock case)


Tenor guitar

$2600 AUD (includes Presto case)

00 Guitar

$3000 AUD (with case)

If you are lucky I may have a mandolin or guitar for sale available immediately.


All mandolins (except the Flattop)  now come with a custom designed hard shell case from Cedar Creek Cases or Presto cases.  I have been battling for many years with quality control issues of cheap cases made in Korea or China.  No more, I've had enough.  My mandolins are high end instruments and deserve better.  Cedar Creek cases are custom made for me so they fit like a glove every time, are stronger, look great and offer far more protection.  They are excellent cases.  Light colours offer better heat protection for your instrument, so I do not use black with the Cedar Creek or Presto cases.  However, if you want a flight case, or a case made in Australia, or just the very best case available, a Presto case is recommended (at additional cost).

Here is the standard Cedar Creek mandolin case that is custom made for my mandolins.


  • Presto case: high quality moulded fibreglass.  Price will vary according to what the maker charges me, but count on around $200 extra ($400 for the guitar).  This is the older rectangular shaped Presto mandolin case that has plenty of storage space.

Presto Case

Presto now have a smaller and lighter wedge shaped mandolin case available that I think is rather neat, and they also have an option to insulate the case at extra cost.  The choice is your's.  These are custom hand made cases made to my specifications that are strong enough to check on as airline baggage, I have done just that many times myself.  I only offer the ivory colour because this provides the best protection.  Don't worry about the light colour showing scuff marks.  These cases can be cleaned to look like new.  I use one myself that is probably around 18 years old.  Great cases, made in Perth Western Australia.


All other options are at no additional cost

Note that costs associated with transport and insurance are not included in the above prices.  Instruments are carefully packed in a large carton and shipped by registered post within Australia and by international courier overseas (DHL).  DHL is expensive, but carries the least risk to the customer and they handle customs.  Other methods of transport can be arranged, but the customer bears the risk and may need to deal with Customs in the destination country.  Note that USA customers must use DHL because of Lacey Act requirements.

Estimated international freight costs

Location Australian Dollars
USA $640
Europe $700


An order must be accompanied by a deposit of $500 Australian dollars, or the close equivalent in US dollars.  Please note that this deposit is non refundable if you cancel the order.  Send me an email if you would like to make an order or need more information about timber combinations.

Payment options:

I can accept personal cheques in Australian or US dollars or direct bank transfers into my account (preferred method for Australian customers).  For international customers PayPal is the most convenient.  For other payment options please email me.  Note that I can no longer accept credit card payments.  The merchant facility for credit cards was costing too much for something that no one was using so I closed it.  Please note that this is not a secure site so you cannot order here, you must contact me.