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Hand made in Bega Australia from the finest native and imported woods.

New developments - a classical guitar and octave mandolin.
Welcome to my new web site.  The old web site that had become somewhat of a dinosaur has gone and now we have a new web site that includes nearly all the information from the old site, but it is mobile friendly.  Many things have been changed due to the possibilities of new technology.  The old site was built over 20 years ago, so things such as mobile devices, SEO, moving images etc did not exist.  Hope you like it, it has been a massive effort to migrate to a new platform.  There are still some remnants of the old site, such as the Dudenbostle construction pages which were not build by me, plus a few other pages, and a few things not working properly that I will fix later.  In the meantime I need to get away from the computer and get into the workshop.

Site last updated 1st December 2019. 
There is a lot of information available on this site that has taken an enormous amount of time to produce.  As I believe in free exchange of information, anyone is free to use any of the information so long as it is appropriately acknowledged.   This especially applies to the papers published in the JAAMI and the sound files below.  If you use the sound files, please acknowledge the musicians who kindly produced them for me.
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The most important thing about music instruments - the sound

Here are a few short recordings customers have done for me.   Thanks go to Martin and Jean-Pierre

Traditional Irish music played by Martin Reese on mandolin #62.  This mandolin is an A5 made from European Spruce and European Maple.  Martin is accompanied by Andrew Heath on Guitar and Ken Littleboy on Bodhran.  Thank you very much Martin for recording this music for me, it is much appreciated.  Martin is one of the finest players of traditional Irish mandolin music I know.

Here is an MP3 kindly provided by Jean-Pierre Vandervaere of his band .Zizanitza.  Jean-Pierre has Goldfinch mandolin #16, made from King Billy Pine and Jarrah.  This mandolin is over 20 years old now and as you can hear, still sounding mighty fine.  As you might guess from the name, Jean-Pierre is french and lives in France.