Mandola Mandola European Maple Ash Sassafras
European Maple
Tasmanian Oak
Black Heart Sassafras


A style oval hole mandola


The mandola is a larger instrument than the mandolin and is tuned 1/5th below (like a viola).  The scale length is 16 inches or optionally 15.8 inches.  The longer scale length improves the sound of the C string.  It is available as a Standard model (Spruce top) or a Goldfinch model (King Billy Pine top).  Beautiful sweet, warm and rich tonal quality.

Note: The mandola comes with a custom made Cedar Creek case included in the price.  These are high quality cases with perfect fit as per my specifications.  These cases have become very expensive, and the deposit has been increased to help cover this cost, but there is really no alternative to a custom made case for mandolas.  If you want to save on the cost of the case, contact me and I can give a quote for a mandola with no case. 

I also offer a flattop mandola at a much reduced price.  Contact me for details on this.  The custom case for this mandola costs almost as much as the instrument, so the cost of the case is an issue.  If you can make or find a case for it I can supply it without the case.

For more information see specifications or contact me.