Pancake mandolin stained Back stained Pancake mandolin natural Blackwood Gidgee Myrtle
Pancake mandolin stained.
Pancake mandolin stained.
Natural colour.
Tasmanian Blackwood.
Tasmanian Myrtle.

Pancake Mandolin

Based on the Gibson Army Navy/Flatiron flat top mandolins


These mandolins are based on a Gibson Army Navy mandolin I restored.  They are very simple mandolins but have the typical Coombe sound.  Much louder, sweeter, clearer and cleaner sounding than the original I restored.  I have come across a few of these old Gibsons over the years, and have not been impressed with the sound, but these Coombe pancake mandolins do impress.  The sound is on another level.  Listen to the sound clips, I am not kidding.  I really like them, they are fun to make, and I intend to make many more because with that lovely sound they are incredible value for money.  In terms of wood choices, just about anything is possible.

The Pancake is available unbound and stained a dark brown like the originals, but are also available in the natural wood colours with the top and back bound.

Note that these instruments are made to a price.  Thus any changes that involve additional material costs or labour will incur an additional charge.

Note: There have been some changes to the Pancake mandolin that makes them sound even better (3rd generation), but does move them further away from the original Gibson design and they are heavier.  I have incorporated the technology developed for the Classical Flattop mandolin into the Pancake mandolin and the results are very pleasing.  The bridge has also been moved foeward so it sits closer to the center of the top.  So they are now fan braced with carbon fiber reinforcement, and are much stronger so can now take medium gauge strings.  The sound is much cleaner and smoother, and also louder.  So the Pancake mandolin is now into it's 3rd generation, but there are no pictures here yet of a third generation Pancake.

For more information see specifications or contact me.

Pancake mandolins