Tenor guitar 21in scale length Tenor guitar 23in scale length Large bodied tenor guitar Black Heart Sassafras Myrtle Mahogany
Tenor guitar 21 inch scale length
Tenor guirtar 23 inch scale length
Large body Tenor Guitar
Black Heart Sassafras
Tasmanian Myrtle
Brazilian Mahogany

Tenor Guitar

A small steel string guitar with 4 strings tuned in 5ths


Tenor guitar, tuned GDAE an octave below the mandolin, but other tunings are possible with different strings.

Available in scale lengths 23 inches with 14 frets to the body, or 21 inches with 12 frets to the body.  A larger body size is also available for custom orders.

Tenor guitars are hard to find, good tenor guitars are even harder.  These tenor guitars are more than just good, they are outstanding.  You won't find anything better anywhere.

Wood choice: The possibilities are endless.  Mahogany is the traditional wood choice for Tenor guitars, with many vintage instruments made entirely from Mahogany.  I don't offer all Mahogany Tenor guitars because I can't get Mahogany in good enough quality or quantity for tops.  South American Mahogany is listed on CITES Appendix II so cannot be imported into Australia, but I do have a limited amount of  old Mahogany available for back and sides.  Tasmanian Myrtle or Tasmanian Black Heart Sassafras are excellent substitutes, and in many respects are a better choice.  Sassafras sounds very much like Mahogany so is an excellent substitute, although it doesn't look anything like Mahogany.  I can also make a tenor guitar from Australian native woods, and in many respects it can sound better than the traditional woods.

For more information see specifications or contact me.