Standard mandolin Redwood Tiger Myrtle European Maple Ash Blonde European Maple
Standard mandolin front.
Tiger Myrtle.
Stained European Maple.
Tasmanian Oak.
Blonde European Maple.

Standard model Mandolin

A style oval sound hole mandolin in the Gibson tradition


This model of mandolin is a development of the vintage Gibson oval hole mandolins. I consider them to be what Gibson would have made if they had continued to develop and improve their A model oval sound hole mandolins.  They have the vintage Gibson oval hole sound, but it is more refined and cleaner sounding

This model mandolin can be made with a wide variety of woods.  Red Spruce, European Spruce, Engelmann Spruce or Redwood for the tops, and a selection of Maple or native Australian hardwoods fo the back and sides.  So far most have been made with European Spruce tops.  Each wood combination gives a slightly different sound quality, Maple gives a brighter tone with more clarity, Myrtle or Sassafras has more warmth.  Please contact me to discuss what you want in terms of sound.

For more information see specifications or contact me.

Standard mandolin