Custom mandolin Birdseye Maple Tiger Myrtle Ash
Custom Model mandolin.
Birdseye Maple.
Tiger Myrtle.
Blackheart Sassafras.

Custom model Mandolin

A modern oval sound hole mandolin


The custom model mandolin has been customized and modernized by Peter Coombe to produce a completely new type of oval hole mandolin.  It redefines what an oval hole mandolin can do.  It incorporates the best features of the vintage Gibsons and Lyon and Healy mandolins as well as things learned from 25 years experience building mandolins.  It does not have the "tubby" Gibson sound with the over emphasis on the bass, but is evenly balanced across the strings.  The aim was to make an oval hole mandolin that has volume and great clarity so it can be heard in a band situation and sessions.  Hence this model is only available with Red Spruce (recommended) or King Billy Pine tops.  Sound is difficult to describe, but a best attempt would be to describe it as open, even, extremely responsive with a huge dynamic range, great clarity and with a huge ring and sustain.  It is a true oval hole sound, with no trace of the throaty quality associated with F sound hole mandolins (or modern hybrids), and with the well known clear sweet sound of a Coombe mandolin.  The tonal quality can be tailored to individual preferences with the choice of the back wood.  Rock Maple for maximum clarity, Sassafras for a warmer sound, Myrtle for something in between.

For this model mandolin I do prefer Red Spruce for the top because it gives the biggest headroom and in the long run I think it makes the best sounding instrument.  However, it does take a few years to develop it's best sound, and does need to be played.  For the backs I like Rock Maple, or for a warmer tone Tasmanian Myrtle or Sassafras.  Many options are available, contact me to discuss what you want.

Also available as a long neck version where the cross piece is at the 14th fret instead of the 12th fret.  Special order only.

For more information see specifications or contact me.

Custom mandolin