Octsve Mandolin front Tasmanian Myrtle
Octave Mandolin front.
Tasmanian Myrtle.

Octave Mandolin

A flat top octave mandolin


Many octave mandolins are large instruments with a long scale length that make them difficult to play.  When designing the Coombe octave mandolin, the overall consideration was to make it easy and comfortable to play, and of course to make it sound good as well.  This involves a few compromises in that there is limit on how short the scale length and how small the body can be made before the sound is impacted significantly.  The scale length chosen was 21in, which is the same as my short scale length Tenor Guitar.  This scale length is about as short as practical without the G string sounding "thumpy" when fretted.  The body size was taken from a larger size mandola, and increasing the body depth to 65mm so the body size is not large.  The nut width is 34mm giving a relatively slim neck for an octave mandolin, once again making it easier to play.  The sound is loud and resonant, with a huge sustain, and beautiful rich tonal quality.

Many options for wood combinations are available, contact me to discuss what you want.

For more information see specifications or contact me.

Octave mandolin

NEW - 2 point flat top Octave Mandolin.  Scale length 22 inches, but 21 inches is also possible.
Two point OM