A5 Mandolin front European Maple Tiger Myrtle Ash
A5 mandolin front.
European Maple.
Tiger Myrtle.
Tasmanian Oak.

A5 Mandolin

A modern A style F sound hole mandolin


A Coombe A5 is not a bright, aggressive sounding bluegrass cannon.  It is designed to be a very good general purpose mandolin, with some of the sweetness, warmth and sustain of the oval hole models, but with an F hole sound, and with the typical characteristics of an F hole mandolin - i.e. foreword projection, large headroom and deep rich throaty tone.  It is structurally completely different from the oval hole mandolins.  Different body, different arching and graduations, different bracing and longer neck, a true F sound hole mandolin.  The result has been improved tone and responsiveness which is up there with the very best of the F sound hole mandolins.  My main influences for this mandolin are the Gibson Griffith Loar and Gilchrist Model 3

For this model mandolin I do prefer Red Spruce for the top because it gives the biggest headroom and in the long run I think it makes the best sounding instrument.  However, it does take a few years to develop it's best sound, and does need to be played.  For the backs I like European Maple, or for a warmer tone Tasmanian Myrtle, Walnut, or Tasmanian Oak.  Many options are available, contact me to discuss what you want.

For more information see specifications or contact me.

A5 mandolin